6 Useful Tips to Use from the Paleo Diet

paleo diet principlesEliminating the consumption of industrially processed foods and designing a menu that is based only on fresh food is a principle that one should not omit in a balanced lifestyle. Here are some great paleo diet tips you can use every day.

The paleo diet first appeared in the ‘80s, but caught the attention of the general public in 2002 when Loren Cordain, professor at the University of Colorado, launched the book “The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Food You Were Designed to Eat”.

The principle that guides this diet is to consume only fresh foods. Avoid cereals, legumes, alcohol, sugar and dairy products. Instead, eat meat (preferably venison or beef / chicken / fresh fish), fruits and vegetables.

Loren Cordain explains that clinical studies have shown that the paleo diet is a healthy diet that lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces high blood pressure and inflammation, helping people lose weight at the same time. But other experts are worried about the excessive consumption of meat which is indicated in this regime, warning that there are health risks.

Since any diet has its good sides and bad sides, it never hurts to get the useful tricks from this scheme to include in your daily food plan. Here are some of the best rules from the paleo diet that you can use with no fear.

1. Avoid processed industrial products

All commercially available meats and sweets should be eaten rarely, but it would be ideal if you could eliminate them. They do not help with anything, they have no nutritional value, but on the contrary, they are filled with all sorts of additives and preservatives that make you sick. Opting for homemade sausages or as simple cake that you can make at home is the best alternative.

2. Combine healthy eating with exercise

Physical activity is essential in order to maintain a normal body weight, but also to keep muscles toned. This will save you many unnecessary pain that is related to inactivity and which can be controlled by choosing to do regular and constant exercise. Specialists say it is never too late to start exercising, so don’t worry if you cannot remember the last time you went to the gym. Start with simple exercise, a power walk in the park, build stamina and work your way to more complicated and intense forms of workout.

3. Beware of salt consumption

If you manage to successfully remove the industrial processed meats and canned goods, you’ve greatly limited salt intake. These foods contain excessive amounts of salt that can affect your heart and kidneys. The sodium in combination with potassium that you find in fruits and vegetables make a good team and protect your heart from diseases.

The only canned good we recommend: cans of tuna in its own juice.

process of weight loss

4. Choose good fats

To our list of paleo diet tips we should add choosing good fats. Avoid hydrogenated fats found in pastries, cakes and snacks. Always read the product label before you buy and put it back on the shelf if it has (partially) hydrogenated or trans fats. Instead, you can choose sources of good fats such as avocado, cold pressed olive oil, flax seed / pumpkin and unrefined coconut oil.

5. Cook more at home

By limiting the number of meals served at restaurants and with a little bit of organizing, you will know exactly what you eat. Home cooked food with ingredients that you prefer is a lot more healthier because you add a proper amount of salt, you don’t use additives, nor flavor enhancers. Prepare simple meals, but to your taste. This way you not only know the source of your food and always have fresh meals, but you will also save some money along the way.

6. Do not bother with counting calories

Rather than bothering with counting calories it is better to think about the nutritional value of the food you consume. Before you make a bad choice just because you’re craving for it, think about what that food can offer you in terms of nutrients. Now thin about a healthy alternative, that tastes almost the same as the food you are craving, but it is much healthier and more nutritious. It’s a sound strategy, compared with counting calories which you can keep under control only if you do not make any culinary excesses.

Whenever you feel the need for something sweet (and it is normal for blood sugar levels to drop once in a while), choose fresh fruits, yogurt with honey, nuts and almonds, dark chocolate or cook something really fast with fresh ingredients.

If you haven’t found the right diet for you, simply adapt the principles from various diets and create your own diet regime. With these simple paleo diet tips, you too can considerably improve your weight and health state.

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