Best Natural Remedies for Bones

dill leavesProper functioning of the body depends to a large extent on healthy bones. And since cold weather affects their resilience, here’s how to keep away diseases. Cold weather brings joint pain more than in any other season. This is because changes in temperature cause the pain stimuli acting on the joints to become more perceptive. Therefore, you need a diet rich in calcium (so don’t even think about becoming a vegan), vitamin D, Omega 3 and lycopene, which strengthen your bones and joints to restore cartilage. This means that today we are talking about some of the best natural remedies for bones.

But before we start that, let’s talk about a recently conducted study. Breaking news people: drinking milk as teens might not protect men’s bones, according to a recent study.

The findings are based on the fracture history of nearly 100,000 white men and women, middle-aged and older, who recounted their milk-drinking habits decades earlier.

“I don’t consider this to be a definitive finding that would change the public-health message concerning milk at this point”, said lead study author Diane Feskanich. “But even though we’re very focused on milk in this country, we don’t really have studies that have documented how people drink milk as kids and then have waited 50 to 60 years to see what happens to their bones”.

“What we found was a little surprising. Teen milk consumption was associated with a higher fracture risk among men, but not women”, said Feskanich, an assistant professor in the department of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, in Boston.

The study basically challenges the old custom of eating dairy products in order to have stronger bones. Whether the study will confirm the findings and make them available and valid for the entire population, we should get back to our natural remedies.

Tomato juice prevents osteoporosis

Women and men who cook and respect themselves in the kitchen, never run short on tomato juice or tomato paste. Besides the good taste that it gives to food, they are very healthy.

Daily consumption of tomato juice reduces the risk of osteoporosis installation. Two glasses a day of tomato juice contain 15 mg of lycopene, enough to fix calcium, to strengthen fragile bones.

How to prepare: Wash the tomatoes, cut them and clean then, while getting rid of the green part. Mince the tomatoes in a special device.

If you want to preserve tomato juice for the winter and use it for certain treatments, put the juice to boil for about an hour and a half and add salt to taste.

When the foam begins to disappear, it means that the juice is done and you can pour boiling hot juice in bottles.

tomato juice in glass

Eggshell powder and honey

Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium in bones. Vitamin D comes from eggs and dried fruits like almonds, pistachios and sunflower seeds.

How to prepare: You need eggshells which you have to wash very well, leave them to dry, grind them and then mix the powder with honey.

The amount of honey shall be equal to the eggshell powder. Let the mixture soak for seven days and take one tablespoon in the morning before breakfast.

Walnuts strengthen bones

Among the best natural remedies for bones we had to talk about walnuts. Nuts are good for bone health. Use well crumbled walnuts, otherwise stomach fails to digest it. Walnuts contain omega 3, which helps to retain calcium in the bones.

How to prepare: Mix one cup of crushed nuts with raisins, dried apricots and 300 g of honey. Take one tablespoon three times a day before meals. Equally good is a mixture of equal amounts of crushed kernels, grated cheese and raisins.

Dill, a great source of calcium

Did you know that dill seeds have the highest concentration of calcium of any food? A teaspoon of dill seeds contains more calcium than a cup of milk. Also, dill tincture relieves pain and promotes cartilage tissue regeneration.

How to prepare: 100 ml 50 degrees alcohol, add three teaspoons of dill powder. Let it soak for nine days and then filtered. The treatment lasts 21 days. Drink three times a day before meals, one teaspoon dissolved in 100 ml of water.

Do you know any other best natural remedies for bones? If so, make sure you share your tips with the rest of our readers.

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